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April 6th - May 19th 2016

APRIL ISSUE: 04/04/16

Maeve Clancy's Bio Name: Maeve Clancy Secret skill: Carrying five plates of food on one hand (from my waitressing years). When did you start being a super cool illustrator designer? I always drew and went to art college after school. I think you have to work at something for a few years before you can actually call yourself that thing or give yourself that title. I've been working at this for 15 years and for the last 5 years, I've probably been doing it to a level I think is about right. Any advice for someone who wants to be a super cool illustrator designer like you? Draw every day. Do a lot of observational drawing, that is drawing what is in front of you- everyday objects, people and buildings. Then apply it to something: a poster, a comic, an animation. The more you do, the more you understand what you're doing. Keep at it, enjoy it and before you know it you're getting better at it. If you had a time travelling Delorian what point in time would you travel back to and why? I have no interest in time travel actually... boring answer but I've honestly no interest in any time other than right now. If you could pick one historical figure as your BFF who would it be and why? I like Matisse's work, both paintings and cut outs. I'm not sure if I'd be interested in being his best friend, but I'd have liked to meet him to ask a few questions. 

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