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April 6th - May 19th 2016

APRIL ISSUE: 04/04/16


What’s  the difference –

A child’s life now and a child 100 years ago?


  1. Divide the class into smaller groups and seat
    them in circles.
  2. Place 2 sheets of paper in the centre of the circles.
  3. Draw the outline of a child on each page – no features and no clothes.
  4. Write ‘Now’ on top one and ‘Then’ on top of the other.
  5. Ask the children to write the differences they know about each child on the pages.
  6. When this done encourage the groups to read the document from this website.
  7. Look at images on the national archive site.
  8. Now add the new information on to the pages.
  9. Ask the groups stand up and move clockwise to
    the next group’s space, then sit and read their information.  If there is anything they would like to add they can.
  10. After 2 or 3 mins they move on. Continue this until they return to their own space.
  11. Place the sheet on the wall.

That the children will be able to explore the differences in their lives to that of  the children in the early 1900’s.



  • The documents on the Maloney’s Dream website revealed when you click the paper boy.
  • The national archive website –
  • Large flip chart sheets 2 per group.
  • Different colour markers .



Write a diary entry for a day as if you lived in 1915.




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